Tiger Woods Throws Temper Tantrum Because Everybody Wasn’t Quiet

17 July of 2014 by

Tiger Woods is back in action at the British Open, but had a hissy fit after someone made too much noise before his shot on the 18th. Just another example of how golf isn’t a sport.

This isn’t a fucking library. All these whiney golf cunts needing their absolute silence before they hit a ball. Meanwhile baseball players hit a 92 MPH slider with movement while some 400-lbs behemoth is in the stands screaming, “I will rape your mother, slice her throat and jizz on your dog’s face.” But these golf prima donna sissies need silence to concentrate on hitting a ball that isn’t moving. I will gladly be quiet while you’re golfing if you promise to shove your golf club up your anus and die from internal bleeding.

Thanks to Keith!

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