You Need To See The Mugshot Of This Woman Who Stabbed Her Husband For Peeing On Bathroom Floor

26 June of 2014 by

Meet Shery Lynn Downs, this lovely lass truly believes that cleanliness is godliness and takes quite the offense to anyone who sullies her home. The Montana woman slashed her 68-year-old husband’s face with a knife because he peed on the bathroom floor. When police arrived at the home, they found the beaten man was on the front steps holding a bloody towel to his face. The nasty cut on his face was several inches deep and required surgery. Meanwhile our beauty queen faces a felony charge of assault with a weapon.

Downs reportedly told police that “her husband had been causing problems by urinating on the floor and that he had called a cable company and given a false name in an attempt to get cable service.”

Does this ghastly ghoul realize that EVERY man pees on the floor? We could concentrate 100% and we would still piss on the floor. Sometimes the tip of the cock isn’t open completely causing urine to spray everywhere like someone putting their thumb on the end of a lawn hose. She’s lucky her poor husband didn’t just R. Kelly her. Go f*ck yourself and your landlady from Kingpin face.



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