GRAPHIC: Watch This Idiot Try To Move An 11-Foot Alligator And Get His Hand Mangled

23 June of 2014 by

A lot of people make fun of Louisiana people and stereotype them as dumb people, but not me. Nope I find real life idiots from Louisiana as proof to help perpetuate the stereotype. Meet Glen Bonin, he’s not a zoologist or a alligator wrangler, but that didn’t stop him and his friends from attempting to move an 11-foot alligator from the road. Using the “Peek-A-Boo” method the gentlemen placed their shirts on the huge reptile’s head to attempt to blind him. When they dragged the monster off the road they kicked it and Mr. Alligator was none-too-pleased. He swung his massive head around and bite Bonin’s hand. I guess even if the alligator is blinded with t-shirts, it still has nerves that can tell it from which direction three assholes are kicking him from. Bonin needed 80 stitches after the alligator snacked on his hand. I wish the alligator was really hungry and had more than just a nibble.



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