Eddie Vedder Stops Concert To Drink Wine From A Shoe In Stockholm

30 June of 2014 by

Pearl Jam treated the fans to quite a show in Stockholm, Sweden on Saturday night. Lead singer Eddie Vedder noticed a girl in the crowd holding up a sign asking for him to “sign her shoe.” The crowd later started chanting “Sign the shoe! Sign the shoe!.” He told the girl that she “picked the wrong guy.” Vedder told the girl to send her shoe on stage. He instructed her to “Just Breathe” before the band played their song of the same name. He signed one sneaker and had security give it to the girl with a bottle of wine that she proceeded to drink as the crowd cheered her on. Vedder then said, “I’m gonna do you one better. I trust you.” He poured wine into her Converse sneaker and then drank from it before tossing it back to her. And this is the life of an alcoholic with a foot fetish who happens to be the lead singer of Pearl Jam.

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