Crazy Stripper Fight Erupts In Locker Room

29 May of 2014 by

When you’re sitting in your crappy employee lounge at your crummy job eating a cruddy olive loaf and Havarti sandwich, you’re not expecting to get punched in the face by a coworker. You know why? Cause you’re not a stripper. You are not in the highly competitive industry of titty jiggling. So you don’t have coworkers gunning for your money and your head. Maybe this gal took the other woman’s most profitable client. Maybe she took the other girl’s signature stripping song of Gangnam Style. Maybe they’re just unstable, bi-polar, highly medicated strippers that live a sh*tty existence, so they’re always in a bad mood and if you say, “Good afternoon Portia” the wrong way this bitch goes off. I have no idea why this stripper went ballistic, I just know I like to watch stripper fights. What can I say, I’m easy to please.

Picking A Fight With The Wrong Guy


Pompous Dickwad Bully Picks On The Wrong Guy

Dunkin' Donuts Manager vs Stripper Fight


Insane Fight Between A Dunkin’ Donuts Manager And A Stripper

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